5GSA Mission
The digital transformation unlocks tremendous opportunities for global industries while imposing significant challenges at the same time. 5G is considered to be a catalyst for enabling this transformation in an efficient way.

Network slicing is an emerging approach introduced with global 5G standardization to create efficiently customized and thus optimized networks for different application domains. Therefore, awareness of network slicing benefits, business models, value chains, as well as technical options for network slicing realization in different application and networking contexts need to be explored.

The 5G Slicing Association (5GSA) is an industry initiative that aims at leveraging the benefits of network slicing to support efficiently the requirements imposed by the transformation and digitalization of business and society. Its mission is to identify networking requirements from a multitude of vertical business domains and to derive appropriate network slices that can provide value to various industries and society as a whole.

5GSA takes into account the works produced by concurrent initiatives and organizations being active in the context of network slicing, and will act as an interface towards verticals that could potentially benefit from network slicing. In light of this, the Association explores potential 5G network slicing business models and technological implementation options to improve industrial business operations and enable new digital services.
5GSA Objectives
Common Understanding
To contribute to industry-wide common understanding of 5G network slicing.
Knowledge Sharing
To serve as an open communication and information sharing platform on 5G network slicing among leading telecom operators, vendors, integrators and industry players in energy, automotive, manufacturing, media and entertainment, etc.
Create Awareness
To promote awareness of the emerging slicing ecosystem and value-chain via marketing and promotional activities.
Ecosystem Opportunities
To explore new business relationships between telecom operators, vendors, integrators, slicing service providers and vertical industry players.
Industry Requirements
To study use cases for diverse industries, derive requirement pertinent to network slicing and define appropriate network slices that meet industry requirements
Influence Standards
To bridge the gap in end-to-end slicing technology and standardization through cooperation with other SDOs in order to enable the fast and efficient development of network slicing solutions.
Testbed & Trials
To foster the execution of business-driven slicing proof of concepts (PoCs) and trials based on key use case requirements by means of a set of 5GSA testbeds.