• 5G Slicing Summit(The third)

    May. 2020 - Online

    5GSA (5G Slicing Association) is committed to achieving business and social transformation through 5G network slicing. With the large-scale construction of 5G, the promotion of the slicing industry has become a common mission of the entire industry.
    5GSA will hold an online summit on June 29, 2020. At the meeting, global operators, industry organizations, partners, and equipment vendors will deliver keynote speeches to jointly discuss how to accelerate the slice industry, share the latest achievements, and seek solutions to current problems, drawing a blueprint for the 5G slice industry.

  • GIO Virtual Workshop on Health Pandemic Digital Trans- formation

    May. 2020 - Online

    5GSA and TM Forum organized this successful GIO virtual workshop. Eight distinguished speakers from related SDO talked about the role of ICT (including 5G, network slicing, AI, tracing, and robotics) during COVID-19 and outlined the future opportunities in pandemic prevention and general improvement in health and well-being.


  • The 10th FOKUS FUSECO Forum

    Nov. 2019 - Berlin

    This forum presented 5G use cases in China and Italy, outlined multimedia and gaming slicing, and discussed business opportunities for operators. Operators and technology providers discussed the maturity and commercial availability of network slicing.

  • GIO Round Table

    Oct. 2019 - Barcelona

    The White Paper on Digital Architecture was approved at this round table. 5GSA contributed significantly with the network slicing architecture and use cases for different vertical industries.

  • 5G MEC Summit

    Oct. 2019 - Zurich

    This summit presented multimedia and gaming slicing use cases, the central role of the MEC, as well as MM business opportunities for operators.

  • 5G Slicing Summit (at MWC Shanghai)

    June 2019 - Shanghai

    150+ heavyweights in telecom and vertical industries, 3GPP, 5GSA, and GSMA, discussed progress in network slicing standards and industry frontlines.

  • GIO Workshop

    Feb. 2019 - Barcelona

    GIO is an ecosystem that includes the most relevant SDO. 5GSA presented use cases focusing on smart manufacturing and was engaged to present network slicing architectural view in the GIO White Paper on Digital Architecture.

  • 5GSA Open Session (at MWC Barcelona)

    Feb. 2019 - Barcelona

    5GSA Open Session is held during MWC. Session parties, including association members and guests from Ericsson, NGMN, and King\'s College London, shared preliminary results of ultra HD network slice trials.


  • NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition 2018

    Nov. 2018 - Vancouver

    5GSA participated the NGMN Industry Exhibition & Conference in Vancouver. Dr. Luigi Licciardi shared with the audience his views on future 5G slicing standards.

  • The 9th FOKUS FUSECO Forum

    Nov. 2018 - Berlin

    5GSA supported the 9th FOKUS FUSECO Forum held in Berlin. 5GSA founders, including Fraunhofer Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, Huawei, China Mobile and CEPRI, shared their views on 5GSA visions, testbed plans, as well as industry insights on 5G network slicing.

  • 5G Slicing Summit (at MWC Shanghai)

    June 2018 - Shanghai

    This summit approved a 5G network slice deployment plan and its milestones and presented trials by primary carriers, tier-1 vendors and vertical players.